Sunday, December 4, 2016

Terra Forma

Waiting for the paint to dry on my Train and Troll 309 boxcar, fighting being tired, good time for doing some scenery! Well, start shaping the ground for my Albion module/switching layout.

 Oh, the blue foam!
 While it doesn't look like much with the weights on it, there's a significant amount of work here. Still needs to be shaped a bit more, but the initial forming with the hot wire is done and several sections are glued down.
 While I like using blue foam for scenery, I kinda don't like using it. Smells terrible when you cut it with the hot wire, I'm sure its toxic. The adhesive glue takes FOREVER to dry as little oxygen gets in to cure it. While you can form as you go, if you overdo it, it can be difficult to fix without plaster cloth. Also, its really messy when you get into shaping with a rasp, file and sandpaper. Bottom line though, if you want light, its a great way to go.
More work to do shaping it up, but it IS coming along. Looks like I'll be building some passenger cars soon, their in the mail! Oops, maybe I should start that snow plow first? Always something!

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