Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Things

Managed to make some small progress on a few items.

Working on the sawmill again. Not really happy about the 1/2 a mill sticking out of the backdrop with it was that or a smaller part. I think the mill front in addition to the log pond and boiler house, make the scene a Laurel more complete.

I also managed to finish the shingles on the freight house in Deer Creek. One painfully slow job to accomplish.

In preparation for the next op's session, I finally worked out the clearance issue with a rock wall and added a guard rail to an S-curve that was giving my bark cars some trouble. Hoping to get the bark cars into operations soon. Adds another dimension to operations.

Trains running fine up to the bark landing and down to the extract plant in Deer Creek!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deer Creek gets mentioned in Narrow Gauge Publication

Finally received my copy of Tony Koester's new book "Guide to Narrow Gauge Modeling", which  has  a couple of photo's and an old track plan for the Deer Creek and Laurel. There are also some photo's of friends work such as Mark Chase, Jeff Kracker, and Tom Sullivan. Mark did a nice review of the book, which you can find here:
The track plan is a little out of date, as when Tony asked for one, I couldn't locate the most recent. Lost due to an accidental deletion of files while transferring between computers. Luckily, I did find some older backup files with a fairly complete plan. Opps! Kind of neat to see the layout in print, also kind of embarrassing to see things that need to be touched up! That's a hobby for ya. Back to work......


Mixed Train Video

Here's a video of the mixed train. Man, do I need to put in some trees and greenery!! Oh, yeah, the water in the creek too........

Monday, January 19, 2015

Train Time!

I took this afternoon, a holiday for most, off of work trains! Took the time to get together with my narrow minded buddies to talk trains and catch up. A good time was had by all. After talking trains, looking at pictures, meeting some new folks and getting my head full of ideas, I returned home and took a look at my layout. Hmmm. I haven't really operated in a long time, so here are some shots from the derailment free run from Laurel Junction to Collins and back.

I managed to link the switchlist on my computer to my Ipad. You can check off the moves done and tell the program when the train is completed. Kinda neat. I use the Mac App, Switchlist.