Friday, August 23, 2019

Scenes from the road....CO

I managed to get some fun travel in this summer. Recently, I spent a little time mountain biking in Breckenridge, Colorado. There are some interesting mines and C&S equipment in town. I thought I would share. If your interested in the mountain biking done, check out our three vidoes on youtube. If you're into trains, skip them!

Here is a mine we passed on our first mountain bike ride. Not too far out of town. Its called the Sallie Barber Mine

 Check out the stone firebox on the mine's boiler. Interesting bit of work.

On another ride we passed a few old dredges. This one looks like its seen some repairs despite having sunk. The tailing piles are amazing!

Here is some of the C&S Equipment near the ice rink in town. Nice display. Its easy to forget how small this stuff is, especially when you consider equipment over 30 ft to be "BIG"! Ha, ha.

Finally, on our way back to Denver, we passed through Gilpin Tram Country! Crazy place to say the least. It was really fun to pass through the Forks Creek Gorge on the way to Denver. The buildings in Central City were very nice but the town looks dead.

That's all for now!