Monday, July 10, 2017

DC&L Steaming Along

Been working a little in the evenings on the DC&L RY. Its been a while so the track needs a little cleaning and a few items need fix'n. Here's a test run of the coal train. Running loads to the mines in prep for the next operations session. Things are running well but I need to add a stay alive to Climax no 9 and a headlight bulb, neither will likely happen before the meet.

Been going back and forth on whether to move the logging camp down the mountain to Hawley Jct or leave it on top of the mountain. Current thoughts are to move it to the bottom, both the camp and logging scenes just look better this way. Not what I had panned though. If I leave the camp up top, it's just too crowded looking. Less is better? Plus, if you have a logging camp, might as well be able to see it! Till next time.......

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived and with it, so have other priorities, obligations, and interests. So, the goal of finishing a module, a mere 2 x 10 in one year doesn't look like its going to happen. Oh well, I am still having fun. While at the beach, I managed to start a Portland Locomotive works water tank. Need to finish it off with some things but here it is in its current state:

No, it won't go on the Albion module but its two foot and something I've been working at. Two more unfinished projects include a GME WW&F "like" passenger car and a Portland Locomotive Works WW&F tank car kit. Plans for the built tank car were done by the original Portland Locomotive Works in Portland, Maine but it was never ordered. Still have a ways to go but some progress.
I'm having the local On30 guys over in August, so it looks like the Albion module is going to sit for a while as I get ready. The Deer Creek and Laurel Ry hasn't turned a wheel in a really long time gotta clean some rails and finish some scenery!