Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived and with it, so have other priorities, obligations, and interests. So, the goal of finishing a module, a mere 2 x 10 in one year doesn't look like its going to happen. Oh well, I am still having fun. While at the beach, I managed to start a Portland Locomotive works water tank. Need to finish it off with some things but here it is in its current state:

No, it won't go on the Albion module but its two foot and something I've been working at. Two more unfinished projects include a GME WW&F "like" passenger car and a Portland Locomotive Works WW&F tank car kit. Plans for the built tank car were done by the original Portland Locomotive Works in Portland, Maine but it was never ordered. Still have a ways to go but some progress.
I'm having the local On30 guys over in August, so it looks like the Albion module is going to sit for a while as I get ready. The Deer Creek and Laurel Ry hasn't turned a wheel in a really long time gotta clean some rails and finish some scenery!

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  1. Glad to see the update. It is encouraging to see your progress.