Monday, July 27, 2015

Time without Trains

Ran the first train since April. Wow, what a long spell. Too much work and not enough play!

Deer Creek and Laurel Mixed Heads North

 The "mixed" comes back into Deer Creek after descending from Collins.

Started a box car kit that was recently sent via one of my father's friends. He's no longer in On3, seems like On3 is getting smaller each year. Still my scale and gauge of choice!

Been a long time since I sat at the workbench. Box cars are relatively easy and this one doesn't have truss rods (EB&T steel underframe), which makes it even easier. Really fun to build these up. The trucks even have four springs per side. They are Portland Products, long gone, but EXCELLENT brass castings...

 Some steel plate epoxied in for weight

Nothing holding these together except the springs!!