Monday, February 23, 2015

February Operations Session

Today was the first operations session for 2015. Mark, Hank, and Rick showed up for some fun. The session started off with a presentation on Narrow Gauges in Pulaski, VA. With some pictures and information on a narrow gauge coal and logging railroad.

The following trains were run over a 3-1/2 hour session: Morning Passenger Train, Morning Log Train, Daily Mixed, Coal Turn, Bark Train, Afternoon Log Train. We ran out of time and did not run the Slate Train or the Afternoon Passenger Train. I think the trains ran well, trackwork is getting better and the overall operations scheme seems to work well.

Rick prepares the mixed train in Laurel Jct. using a switchlist as Hank re-assembles the morning passenger train in Deer Creek

 Mark prepares the morning log train. Ready to leave Laurel for a long day in the mountains

 The morning passenger train comes in as the mixed freight waits for clearance.

 Mark's working the log train out of Hawley Junction. Tough job keeping the main clear.

 The logging camp on Flat Top mountain seems empty as the morning log train passes up the switchback

 The coal train with giant engine number 9 crosses the Laurel Creek trestle

 Mark works the coal turn, re-arranging the train in Deer Creek prior to heading up to Collin's as Rick finishes up the bark train.

Coal train working Collins

Hank, having thought he was done with the afternoon log train realizes there is still a car up on the mountain to deal with...

Monday, February 16, 2015

More scenery

Temperatures around 6 degrees F kept me inside much of the day. Did a little more scenery, cleaned track and ran some trains.

Using some 5-6mm static grass for the grass. Then some polyfiber and flocking for bushes. 12 mm mix with woodland scenic tall grass with some 3M adhesive and leaf material for taller weeds, etc.

The polyfiber for the trees takes some practice. This is something I can do when I don't have much time and energy. I think it adds a lot to the photo's etc. Also, its something that gives me an immediate feeling of satisfaction. You can SEE the results right away. Unlike my sawmill, which takes hours and hours of work, much which isn't really noticeable.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Did you forget something?

Hmm, I was just thinking what needs to be completed at the new coal tipple. Well, if you look at the prototype, there's something obviously missing still. Ooops. Another project.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adding some scenery

I've always hated white plaster on the layout. To avoid this, I would add "just enough" scenery to cover up the white and make the scene presentable. I would always come back as time permits and add bushes, trees, other "greenery" to make the scene look better. Well, as I look at photo's of the layout these days, not having trees, bushes, tall grass, etc. looks really, really strange. So, I've slowly been adding some, here and there as time permits. Been tired most evenings, so not able to do too much detail work, however, just enough energy to throw together a bush, tree. etc. Looks a little better, I think.........

Its odd to think how much has been added but in the pictures, it still looks sparse.

Here you can see some efforts on the left, need work on the right.