Thursday, February 12, 2015

Adding some scenery

I've always hated white plaster on the layout. To avoid this, I would add "just enough" scenery to cover up the white and make the scene presentable. I would always come back as time permits and add bushes, trees, other "greenery" to make the scene look better. Well, as I look at photo's of the layout these days, not having trees, bushes, tall grass, etc. looks really, really strange. So, I've slowly been adding some, here and there as time permits. Been tired most evenings, so not able to do too much detail work, however, just enough energy to throw together a bush, tree. etc. Looks a little better, I think.........

Its odd to think how much has been added but in the pictures, it still looks sparse.

Here you can see some efforts on the left, need work on the right.

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