Monday, April 27, 2015

On30 4-4-0 Nears Completion

This weekend I added some final touches to my modified Bachmann On30 4-4-0. I never liked the original model. Too modern, drivers too small for a 4-4-0, etc. After seeing an article in the On30 Annual, where two folks modified their 4-4-0's similarly, I decided to go for it. That and I could pick up a new one from the Favorite Spot on Ebay for less than $60.00.

Just like the article, I added a Banta Cab, PSC domes, stack, headlight, backup light. I added a new cowcatcher (Mount Blue, I think), raised the tender a bit (still looks low) and a TCS WOW decoder. WOW is right. 1. the engine runs much better, the Bachmann decoder was, well, junk. 2. the sound IS AWESOME. Sorry Soundtraxx, you've got some catching up to do..........

The photo is on Mike's On30 Maine based layout. It was a test run and a chance to check out his new switchlist set up. Till next time............

Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to the SHAY

Worked again on the shay this weekend. I managed to get it running, but rather poorly a while back. So, I took each truck apart, yet again, and un-soldered the truck bolster for each. I had been told to do so while originally assembling the truck by master shay builder "Killer" but over the multiple rebuilding of the trucks, they had ultimately gotten soldered. I also replaced the front trucks bevel gears as they too occationally gave me binding issues. Poorly made castings but no defects visible to the eye, even with magnification. Replaced with new castings, no problem. A pain in the rear to do all this work, yet again, but the shay is now up and running.

I worked a little on adding the sound decoder and some final details. Turns out PSC included four FRONT TRUCK GEAR COVERS! instead of two for the front and two for the back. I will have to order new ones to finish the engine. Still need to add some cab interior details, generator, check value and tubing then figure out lighting. Always more but a great feeling of accomplishment in getting the engine running.