Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Shingles Anyone?

No, not that kind of shingles, the wood kind. I finished shingling the outside of the Albion engine house. Now for the roof, well, maybe some procrastination first.

While taking a brake from shingling, I worked on several other "Albion" projects: started the potato house, added the milk platform, added the ice house/tilton's potato house addition to the left front end on the module. Managed to get a base coat of scenery on it this week, including the three road crossings.

The last two evenings, while waiting for scenery to dry, I started on the passenger car, which as the previous GME kit, is moving along quite nicely.

So, the Albion module is progressing nicely. Lots more shingles to do, lots more, lots, lots more.........

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