Monday, December 5, 2016

Passenger Cars (Well, kits....) Arrive

My GME kits arrived in the mail today! Yeah!

I ordered the WW&F passenger and baggage car. They look great-minimal flash, good detail, detail castings included, heck even the specially bent handrails look pre-bent! Randy also sent me the Sandy River Baggage car, its a long story, bottom line, I'm now a happy customer.

I couldn't help but jump right in. Starting with the Sandy River baggage car, since the construction is the same for all cars and if I make a mistake on this one, I can avoid it on the other two. 

For passenger car kits, these seem like they should assemble rather quickly and without too much difficulty (we'll see, right?), with a minimal amount of sanding, filing and clearing flash with a knife, I was able to fit the sides to the roof. I said minimal, which so far is impressive given my experience with O scale resin car kits. 

Well, I'll update the blog as these come together.

Managed to go a little more terra forming during the lunch hour. Slowly coming together......

Getting the hills behind the coal shed to look a little more like rolling Maine farmland. A bit more shaving to do. 

Also did a small test with Gorilla Glue. While a small section, it dried between lunch and later this evening, which is very positive.  Think I'll give it a try on a larger scale. Too bad I didn't try this earlier. 

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