Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GME SR&RL Baggage Car Resin Kit

Started the Sandy River baggage car kit first. All three GME kits have the same floor, roof, and details. The sides and miscellaneous details are different from kit to kit, as are some of the car ends. I decided to begin with the baggage car in hopes of learning some assembly tricks prior to the WW&F cars.

Good idea so far. I had to come up with a way to attach the top, sides and ends to the floor. Also, I had to use a different method for attaching the sides and ends to the top. No rubber bands that big and I really couldn't see how the rubber band idea would work. So far the kit has gone together well and quickly. The sides, ends, and top fit well together. One end is very slightly wider than the rest of the car but that is minimal. I have to be careful checking this on the other cars. I think on end of one side needed a little more sanding flat. So little was required for all the items to fit, I just missed it. The floor fits well, especially given the strips or "stops" added to keep the floor in place (picture later).

Had to raise the bolsters 0.08-inches to use the Coronado On2 trucks. They assembled easily but are not rolling as smooth as I would like. Likely replace the Grandt Line plastic wheels with metal rims and axles with NWSL wheelsets and see if there is a difference. I assumed with metal axles, all would work fine. The car seems heavy, so you would think it would roll better.

Started working on the brake rigging. There are no instructions for it, just a diagram (check carefully, as the locations of some items are not correct) to assist with figuring out the routing of vacuum lines, diaphragms, and brake rigging.  This is my least favorite thing to do. I've found that brake rigging usually just fouls up the running quality of the trucks. We'll see. Having to make some modifications such as adding some 0.08-inch styrene to raise the diaphragm over the beam supporting the truss rods. On the next cars, I will drill out the locations of the brake rods so BEFORE gluing the bolster risers on. That should help with locating the rods below the wheels.

Things will slow down as I have to fabricate the inside window sills, add the railings, steps, and finish the brake detail. Back soon.......

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