Monday, November 5, 2018

Water to the Mines

After a long spell of no modeling, due to work and life, I finished up a kit that I started back in early August or late July. It is a Foothills Models On30 tank car. The kit is resin and comes complete with trucks and couplers. I very nice build with high quality resin castings (Foothills always has high quality resin castings).

I picked up the kit on eBay a while back. I wanted to have a way to haul water to some of the mines on the Arroyo Tram just as the Gilpin did for some mines on the Gilpin Tram. Once painted, this will be my water tanker till I get the time and energy to compete the Gilpin protype water tank car.

Great fun to be back at the workbench. Now off to the paint shop.........

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