Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Contemplating the Breaker/Tipple

Been working lately on improving operations, especially for the coal train. My recent changes, opening up two tracks to connect with staging was done in preparation for the new coal breaker/tipple. The benchwork for the addition has been completed.

The space isn't perfect, as staging will be exposed on the right side but its something I think I can live with given the operational advantages.

Here is how the "bump" fits into the layout plan:

The prototype for my breaker/tipple is from a small semi-anthracite 36" gauge located about 20 miles away, in Pulaski, Va and at one time called Virginia Anthracite. I've been researching this line and it's two associated logging railroads. The tipple is actually the breaker/sorter and transfer to the standard gauge. You can see the prototype in the photo below. Note the Baldwin 0-6-0 saddle tank (converted into a 2-6-0). I used Sanborn insurance maps to get measurements of the building. Looks like I'll have to shrink it about 10% to get it to fit my space. Not bad.


  1. I like it, I'll bet it makes switching there really fun. that overall photo of the yard area looking towards the sawmill is a neat photo, looks very railroady. I also noticed that there is a change at Hawley Jct, I see a bump out and new track there, did you show that area already and I missed it?

  2. Jeff,

    The new yard layout allows for the building of trains going out, rather than pulling pre-made trains out of staging, which I think will add significantly to all operations. Yes, I have really changed Hawley Jct and the logging scene on top of the mountain. I moved the camp off the mountain to Hawley Jct. First, I just couldn't get enough buildings up top to really resemble a logging camp and second, I really wanted the feel of trains running through a legitimate camp and third, it was difficult accessing cars by having to reach over the camp. Still working on the scenery, a slight track alignment change, the new bridge and the camp, hence no pictures yet.