Monday, May 28, 2018

WW&F Combine

I received the replacement car sides for the WW&F based combine kit from GME a while ago. While cleaning off the workbench this weekend, I pulled out the new sides and started the kit. Having built two other GME passenger car/combine resin kits, this one went together fairly quickly.

The floor had warped, a common problem with resin kits, but the system I use to make the car sides and roof removable from the bottom helps to hold the bottom flat. No major issues with this build. I'll need to paint the car, then add the "tin" roof and roof details. A few minor touch up's will be required where the resin parts were chipped off. Overall, I think the car looks close enough to the WW&F combine to meet my needs. The trucks are Coronado scale models with Northwest Shortline metal wheelsets.

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