Friday, February 19, 2016

Log Loader Goes DCC

Years after going DCC I finally added a decoder to the log loader. The installation should have been simple but when it wouldn't run, I tried taking it apart. Turns out the gears were just gooped up after not being used for so long. Made a mess taking it apart. Note to self: To get the roof off, the stack turns and unscrews. Who woulda thought that? Took me forever to get the top off. Kept looking for a screw in the stack! While I could have put a sound decoder in and a sugar cube speaker in the coal bunker, I decided against it. Its a loud runner and I was DONE working on it. Maybe in the future.

 Fun to watch it creep along and listen to all those gears go wherrrrrrrrr!


Looks like I have some clearance issues to deal with, oh well. Its fun to have this one up and running. Just a few things to touch up with paint, add the rolled canvas side covers and the log tongs.

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