Friday, February 12, 2016

Climax 4 gets TCS WOW Decoder and Keep Alive

This loco has been in a real need of added capacitor abilities. Despite adding electrical pickup on all wheels, it always had some issues with minor disruptions in sound. Recently I added a TCS Keep Alive to the already installed Tsunami but it didn't seem to work. The sound stayed on longer without power but there was no real increase in motor function with track power loss. Out with the poor sounding Tsunami and in with the TCS Decoder. What a difference! 

You might as why I didn't like the Tsunami sound? The sounds have little base and the worst bell sound of any higher end sound decoder on the market. It reminds me of the electronic bell on the first PFM sound systems. Makes you cringe. The motor functions, chuff and blower are ok; however, the WOW Sound is still alaround better with the same speaker. You would have to hear the two side by side. Huge difference.

Finally, after 20 or so years I can put the headlight lens in! 

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