Monday, October 19, 2015

Cairo and Kanawha RY Boxcar #?

Here is my version of the outside braced Cairo and Kanawha Railway boxcar.  It is a Wisemann Models On3 Peach Bottom box car, as drawn by Edmund Collins. I modified the ladder and brake detail. Notice the lack of brakes on one side of the car. Looks a little funny to me, but that's what they did, all the way to 1929.

The car just needs a little weathering, otherwise, its done. I don't know if I'll ever decide to scratch build a more exact model of the car. I'm not sure what the car number was. Pictures clearly show the car and locations of the lettering but not the number. We know that box car 5 and 7 were different and numbers 8-12 were flat cars, so, I'm guessing its no. 4.

I have been trying to modify my Kadee couplers to eliminate the bobbing caused by too much slack in the coupler system. I have been using the idea posted here: S-Coupler Head and finding it works fairly well. The couples still center but not quite as well as unmodified. I can live with it since the bobbing caused by Kadee's is so very, very annoying...... I could use link and pin couplers, that would be prototypical but I have no desire to operate with link and pins. Too short a fuse.

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