Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fords are here!

Finished two 1912 Ford Trucks from Wiseman Model Services. These kits have extremely nice detail for a soft metal kit. Very impressive. Only problem with the kits are that the soft metal is SOFT! If you look at a part too long, the force of your eye strain will bend the part. No, really! The first truck was the most difficult as I followed the instructions. Mistake! Definitely do not do the wheels, axles and underbody first. When you hold the model to fit the upper parts, you WILL bend the wheels and axles mercilessly. The second went together much easier since I put all the upper details on first, then the underbody details. The parts fit together very well (unusual in my experience with many soft metal kits). They ACC glued very, very well. The most difficult or most time consuming part is painting. Still working on that.

Great kits, they went together fairly quickly and easily. With as much time on bending stuff back and painting as anything else. I recommend these kits, just don't let anyone pick them (bend, bend) up.



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