Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bachmann to Kelley Island Shay - Trying to finish another "Project"

As part of my finish what you started or get rid of it mode.............

The Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co has been an interest of mine since Lee Rainey published some articles in RMC back in the 1985. There are lots of photos and information about the line. Very tempting with the small shays, dump cars, steam shovels, ships, large steel bridges with passing sidings, tipples, etc.


While the Bachmann On30 shay is a bit small (13 ton) for the engines used on the KIL&T (lots and lots of 18 ton engines), I have always thought you could get it to look "close". So here is what I have been working on (an off) for a while. I added a small shay sand dome from Wiseman Model Services, a Cab from Banta, etc. Still need to change the tender a bit and add some details.

 I just made and added some gear covers.  An easier project than what I thought it would be. They are mounted with AC glue and two pins each.

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