Sunday, February 4, 2018

Arroyo Scenery

With the snow and rain this weekend, I managed to get some scenery done this on the On30 Arroyo Mines layout. My Arizona Rock and Mineral order arrived along with some eBay purchased trees.
 I'd say the greenery adds quite a bit to the layout. Fun placing the trees and some other small scenery items. My son thought it made a world of difference. I'm liking the results. Trees may look small but pictures of the Gilpin Tram show bare hills and small trees coming back up. They must have cleared the hills early for fuel.

The Benson Mine now has the upper roof on and the first coat of paint. Not pleased with the new paint I am using and will finish it up with remaining Floquil stock.

The whiting mine has made great progress. Just needs a roof! Working on it, the roof is a little more difficult due to the angle of the roof to back of the layout or someday, the backdrop.

The foreground cribbing is where the Grand Central gold mine will go. I purchased a kit for that one. Taking a brake from scratch building.  I have an interior from Wisemann Model Services and am looking forward to getting the kit built; however, I would like to get the Whiting Mine done first.

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