Monday, October 13, 2014

Back to the Future?

Finally had some time this last weekend to pull out some models and get some work done. Recently, I developed an interest in getting some engines that I procured long ago, started. Getting tired of so many half completed projects maybe? Don't know. Worked on my Leetown Models Climax till I realized I was missing some parts. That happens when you keep models in pieces for more than 14 years!

 I also realized that I had no business starting a new project when I had another one still uncompleted! My frustration with the shay project is considerable. All due to some poorly cast and prepared parts. Oh well, live and learn. Managed to get some backhead detail on my PSC Silver City shay. Some really, really crappy instructions had me going back to add parts that were on the engine but not discussed in the instructions. Geeze. What were they thinking at PSC back in the 80's? Maybe I shouldn't ask....

Progress was made. I couldn't believe that I would need to use a torch for this level of detail or maybe I should say, these TINY parts. However, the backhead and boiler are MAJOR heatsinks and I just couldn't get the solder to flow using the resistance soldering tools. When it comes to this stuff, trial by fire, sometimes literally. While I struggled with this and wasn't really sure that I was having that good a time, when I got this far, there was definitely a feeling on wonderful satisfaction! All in a good weekend. I guess the rain wasn't too bad after all. Hey, I even managed to get some real work, i.e. work, work, done! Someday this shay will get completed.....someday........

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