Friday, July 11, 2014

New Mine, Mann's Creek, Cass and On30

Its been a while since the last post. Keeping a blog up is a pain. Oh well.

Mostly completed and installed a mine in the Collins area based on one at Whitby. Picture coming soon.

Spend a few days will Jeff, "Coaltrain", looking at old stuff, chasing remnants of the Mann's Creek and riding trains at Cass.

I got a chance to climb in and onto one of the Moore Kepple Climax locomotives. I saw this as a child years ago in a trolley museum. Now is up and running.

Here's Jeff working the log train on the DC&L

 Jeff on "Sacred Ground" Mann's Creek enginehouse in Sewell, WV

Cass of course

Been building resin kits for the On30. Kind of miss working with brass. Resin is brittle and soft metal castings are very fragil. The kit went together just fine, its adding it all together (cab, boiler, details) that has cost so much time in repairing broken parts. Oh, well. Nice kits when you get them done.

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