Sunday, February 9, 2014

This weekend

One of the reasons for doing this blog is that I often feel that I get little accomplished on the layout, despite putting in many hours working at it. The problem stems from how much time it takes to start something, till it is completed. Often there are many small steps required.

For example, I worked on a bunch of stuff this weekend, none of which has resulted in a finished product but all have advanced little projects a few steps closer to completion.

The last house for Collins has been sitting there, waiting for me to finish it. So this weekend I added the tarpaper roof, porch, railings, etc. Still not done but that much closer and it does look a lot better.

I also did the first painting step for the GrandtLine battery mine locomotive and coal car. Yes, a lot of weathering steps to go but its not styrene gray either!

Then, I started the backdrop for Collins, much needed but even after two coats, it looks like two more to get it done. Again, nothing completed but progress is made.

Often its the  little things that drive you nuts. Decided to take a break and run a train. The coupler on this engine has always bothered me. So, I took out the dremel tool for a quick fix. Hmm, broke off the rear steps, had to re-do that, etc. etc, Its those small quick fixes that take a lot of time. Finally go it done and ran a switchlist operation to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Nice to add Stange Mining's manganese mine to operations. Here is an oldy but goody. I started this car back in the eighties. Still running on the layout. Added some detail last week in addition to fixing the couplers, runs much better now. There's more that was accomplished but this wraps it up for the weekend. Cheers!

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