Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One Man Op's Session

Tonight I was a bit tired so I started some cable reels that I got from BTS. I once saw a picture in the PA Logging series of a PA narrow gauge logger hauling cable reels. I was surprised they used them that early and that they would be hauled by a narrow gauge. When I saw these on the BTS site, had to give them a try.

Also, I put the finishing touches on my Manns Creek style water tank.

Next, I felt it was time to run some trains. I printed out a switch list and off when the local mixed, pulled by Climax No. 8.

Next, the train passes over the Poverty Creek bridge and through a large cut.
After switching the extract plant in Deer Creek, the train heads up to Collins

 After backing down Collins and finishing the switching at Deer Creek the train heads through the Deer Creek gorge on its was back to Laurel and Laurel Jctn.

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