Sunday, August 13, 2017

WW&F Coach and Tank Progress

Managed to get a little done this weekend on the GME WW&F coach and some final touches on the Portland Loco Works WW&F tank car kit.

Here's the vacuum brake and underbody detail for the coach. Glad to have this out of the way. I think the way I have it mounted will keep the brake rigging from interfering with the trucks.

End View

Side view with a test of Floquil Pullman Green. I found in the poor lighting, that it looks dark enough. My efforts with Scalecoat Burlington Green, turned out too dark. Might look nice in natural sunlight but too dark in my layout conditions.

While no information was included in the Portland Locomotive Works WW&F tank car kit regarding how the tank was held onto the car, a few calls to my father resulted in getting the original, "real" Portland drawings, which clearly showed four straps on the car. I made them out of styrene and brass wire.

Here's the car, per-paint with the straps.

Here's the tank with the first coat of paint. Looking much better. Can't wait to get it onto the car and be finished with this kit.


  1. Both cars look good. Did the tank car plans come from your father's private stash or are they publicly available?

    Bill Uffelmane

  2. Bill,

    You guessed it, father's private stash. Years ago he stopped in the Portland Loco Works and asked about their two foot drawings, they showed him where they were and let him copy them! I posted the tank straps with dimensions on the Portland Loco Works Yahoo group in the photo's section.

  3. Thanks

    Bill Uffelman