Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Long Does It Take

Sometimes I forget how long it takes to get things done. I was wondering, how long did it take to get from the conception of building a on2 module based on Albion, ME to getting to laying out track center lines on the module? Well, I'm not exactly sure when the idea started. I do know that the first "final" cad draft was done for the plan in late July, so let's say 3-4 weeks before that, so maybe July15th. I remember trying to decide what to build a module of? Coopers Mills was the original idea, much simpler and could have been done in eight feet. However, I wanted a little more switching and decided to see what could be done with Albion.
So, idea was borne in mid July, bench work started in August (have to check my receipts for HD), track center lines down by October 14th! Still no track to run on!

I have managed to kill time building two flat cars, one gondola, one box car and a creamery car. So maybe not all that bad? Note to self, keep this in mind the next time you hot to move on a project.....

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