Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tin Roofs on Two Footers

Tin roofs were used on many of the two foot narrow gauges in Maine. There has been lots of discussion on how model them on the various modeling forums. I really like the look of the train and Troll tin roofs (Picture 1) but I'm not sure how well they represent the real thing. Most On2 modelers are moving to model them in this fashion. These particular ones are laser cut with aluminum HVAC tape.

The tin solder joint is less than 1/4-inch in reality, so in 1/4-inch scale, it would barley be noticeable. Here's a picture of the real thing, WW&F box car 309 at the WW&F museum.

 I guess it's like modeling wood grain or nail holes, many like to see it and the only way to effectively model it is to over exaggerate a bit? I like how they've turned out and may use the idea for my scratch-built cars, or may come up with a different technique. Time will tell.......

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