Monday, September 20, 2021

New Cars for the WW&F

I was quite surprised to see several ON2 WW&F Mount Blue Model kits at the Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, NC, of course, I had to pick them up! I'd seen them listed as "Coming Soon in On2" for the last few years and I guess had quit checking the website. A pleasant surprise for me! I picked up kits for box car 80-82, box car 306-319 and way car 303. Wonderful kits that are well thought out, relatively easy to construct and really neat to see how the owner used laser cut parts to make a prototype model. My new favorite kit manufacturer! Well, right up there with Train Troll for well designed, complete kits. 

The cars have an interior if you want to leave the doos open. Here is a a start of one of the 300 series within the first day of construction.

How cool is this. The end beans are mortised to accept the sills. Helps for a quick and square assembly. LOVED this!

Overall the instructions were very good. Only one area they fell short. The suggestion is to use Kadee #5 couplers and there is a really cool system for mounting couplers without the plastic box. Only one problem, the coupler body and spring, or brass spring system for #5's, won't fit between the sills. Maybe there is a way to do it but no mention in the instructions. So, I cut the ends and installed mine the traditional way. 

All that is left is to do a little paint touch up work, number and weather these great kits. More rolling stock for the Albion module!


  1. you are a freight car building machine!!!

    1. The kits are well thought out, assemble easily due to prior planning and well executed design. Also, I used acrylic paint! No more Floquil and long drying times for me!

  2. Well done! I didn't get any of these kits but I did pick up a stash of loco detail and brake gear packets. I see the sills have cut outs. I assume this is to clear the wheels. Did the kits come with that or did you alter them?

  3. Pete,
    Had to pick them up. Glad I did, very nice and complete kits. The kits come with TWO inner sills, one cut to clear and one not. I tried the not cut out on the first kit and needed it cut out for my 48 inch radius curves. So, I only had to alter the one kit.